Chettinadu Mansion Hotel Karaikudi

Chettinadu Mansion Hotel

Hotel Category:- 3 star hotels(3 star)

Hotel Location:- 11 AR St, Kanadukathan, Sivaganga Dist, Tamil Nadu 630 103 (Chettinadu Mansion)

Facilities:- 12 A/C Heritage rooms, All Meals,Television, Coffee / Tea maker, Swimming pool, Museum, Library, Ayurveda centre

Chettinadu Mansion Hotel, Karaikudi

Hotel Information

Chettinadu Mansion Hotel

Chettinadu Mansion Hotel is located in a small village known as Kanadukathan in Karaikudi district and is just 200 meters away from the Chettinad Palace. Chettinadu Mansion Hotel Karaikudi is 100 years old architectural marvel bringing to its privileged clients the living style of chettiars.

Chettinadu Mansion Hotel is huge, extending over 40000 square feet and the rooms are constructed with the lavish use of Burmese Teak wood, Italian marble and English steel. It contains several courts, halls and corridors with carved pillars. There are 12 air conditioned rooms in Chettinadu Mansion Hotel Karaikudi.

Chettinadu Palace provides traditional luncheon for stopovers and not only for the in house guests.