The Serai Resort Kabini

The Serai

Hotel Category:- 5 star hotels(5 star)

Hotel Location:- The Serai, Kabini, Karnataka

Facilities:- Restaurant, Bar, Jacuzzi, Library, Gift shop, Telescope, Binoculars, Billiards

The Serai, Kabini

Hotel Information

The Serai

The Serai is located 220kms away from Bangalore in a village called Karapura. This resort is situated on the banks of the river Kabini. This property is suitable for wildlife enthusiast and the bird watchers.

The Serai Resort offers 8 Waterfront Verandahs, 11 Waterfront Villas and 1 Residence (Private Villa). All the rooms has the clear view of the river. Waterfront Verandahs has well appointed living space with comforts. Waterfront Villas are independent luxurious cottages with private sit out overlooking River Kabini. The Residence has a private sit out in the bedroom, living room and private Jacuzzi.

The restaurant Wildgrass offers Continental and Indian cuisines for the breakfast and the Indian and local cuisines for lunch and dinner. Enjoy your favourite alcoholic beverage in the bar The Outpost. The library has the collection of books and documentary films on wildlife.Puzzles and board games are also available.